Assessment Module.

Assign assessments and inspections with ease.

Wilbur’s Assessment Module allows you to allocate assessments to both internal and external assessors in the most efficient way possible, across almost any type of claim. Gain complete insight and control over your assessors’ availability and standardize reporting across your organization.

Manage your assessors’ calendars.

Manage your assessors’ calendars.

Resource management via calendar bookings.

Customise your reports.

Customize your reports.

Customizable assessment report templates and fields.

Live video assessing.

Live video assessing.

Live video & photo streaming direct from onsite assessors to the portal.

Map assessor locations.

Map assessor locations.

Plot distances between assessing jobs.

Keep organised.

Keep organized.

Notes for internal & external assessors, reports, specialist reports, electrical, structural.

Easier assessment allocations.

Fit in more assessments per day
Reduced manual admin time
Faster report submissions from site
Full transparency of field staff availability
Speed and accuracy of live video & photos
Flexibility in your reporting
Flexibility in your reporting
Map assessor locations.
Minimize assessor travel downtime

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