Claim Management Module.

Manage your claims smarter, all in one place.

Wilbur’s core Claim Management Module helps you take control of your claims and keep every stakeholder engaged and informed. From start to finish, the Claim Management Module easily integrates into your existing core systems and workflows for almost any line of business, so you can manage your claims, your way.

Connect everyone in your claims.

Unite all claim participants in one platform, connecting the right people at the right time, aligned to your workflow.

Complete transparency for everyone.

Give all participants complete visibility and transparency with portal access, progress tracking and auto-notifications at every step.

Monitor absolutely everything.

Monitor your data & analytics.

Dashboards including task lists, risks and performance reports.

Connect claims to policies.

Connect policies to claims.

Policy searches through customized API integration.

Manage financials.

Manage financials.

Financials tracking including claim reserves, payments, recoveries and excess payments.

Flexibility in your reporting

Manage tasks better.

Automated workflow and task management for all parties, configurable to ensure you meet compliance and KPI goals.

Faster repair times & reduced manual handling

Automate manual tasks.

Automation of manual tasks to increase efficiency.

Triage remotely.

Triage remotely via mobile.

Triage via mobile devices with live video streaming, photo & document uploading, and guided self-service.

Reporting made easy.

Generate industry-standard bordereau and reports, and export a daily extract of data to your data warehouse.

Better document management.

Upload, view and share videos, photos and reports.

Collaborate your way.

Collaborate your way.

Collaboration tools including automated, customizable email & SMS notifications with all communication history viewable in a single tab.

Keep track of everything.

Keep track of everything.

Detailed claim notes and centralized record of communications.

Give your customers a voice.

Give your customers a voice.

Anytime feedback, complaints management, 360-degree feedback and NPS.

Enjoy smarter claims management.

Manage any job type.
Flexibility to manage your claims, your way
Customise your reports.
More efficiency, less admin time
Improved accuracy and fewer errors
Improved accuracy and fewer errors
Faster claim resolution
Happier policyholders
Happier policyholders
Get accurate information up front
More transparency and better communication

Big results without the big price.


Indemnity & repair spend-through


Claims managed globally


Catastrophe events managed globally
As of March 2023 for AU, NZ and USA clients.

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