Quick Stats:

  • With Livegenic, more than 60% of all minor property claims can be fully documented within 24 hours of a virtual inspection, with an average total cycle time of fewer than 40 hours from FNOL to claim-closed.
  • Total cycle times shortened to an average of 1.76 days and a median of 6.03 hours.
  • Severely reduce the amount of time and money lost in travel.
  • Severely increase the speed and number of claims processed.

Imagine a claims adjuster performing an inspection. They’ve received the FNOL. They’ve scheduled a convenient time for the policyholder and the adjuster’s schedule sometime next week. Next week, the adjuster fills their tank and heads over to the policyholder’s home. They perform the inspection, take a few pictures, and drive back to the office to fill out some forms. Sometime the next day, week, or whenever, the inspection is filed, and the cycle is complete.

You probably DIDN’T realise this, but this was all happening while, in the background, the clock ticked away, expenses accrued, and business hours were being eaten up.

Let’s imagine again, but this time with virtual remote inspections.

Envision a claims adjuster performing an inspection. They’ve received the FNOL and, within seconds, have sent the insured an invite to access Livegenic. The insured accesses the Livegenic Customer portal with a single click and via live stream can collaborate with their adjuster, who can provide all the instructions needed to document the loss.

The adjuster can direct exactly what needs to be captured in photos and videos. At the same time, the content is automatically saved back to the claim file for review. Within minutes, the loss has been fully documented.

The current conditions have been memorialised through timestamps and GPS verification, and the policyholder can proceed with their day. The adjuster files the claim in record time, having spent zero extra dollars, hours, or kilometres on the inspection – and the customer gets their assessment completed stress-free.


Livegenic virtual inspection


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