There are many issues handled by customer service, but they can be classified into two groups – simple issues or inquiries and complex problems.

Simple issues

Simple issues are simple for a reason. They can be handled within a single interaction or a non-critical problem reporting that the organisation can resolve without additional customer input.

Since most organisations find simple problems frequent and reoccurring, it makes sense to address them with automated channels – with mobile capable knowledge-based systems, social media, improved website forms, text messages, and chat systems.

These solutions successfully reduce the large number of calls placed to the call centres. Yet, these same channels are generally less effective in resolving complex issues, primarily when a complicated issue is addressed with the wrong channel or when the problem is a complex issue posing as a simple symptom.

Complex issues

It is not surprising that most complex issues are handled over the phone. It takes a lot more time to explain the problem in detail so that the customer service agent can understand it, analyse it, and work on providing the resolution.

There is no substitute for an in-depth verbal conversation for specific communications like resolving erroneous billing chargers, reporting additional damages, or filling out complex financial applications.

However, for all other complex customer service issues, which generally fall in the realm of support, is there anything that can be done to help shorten the support time without compromising customer satisfaction?

Technology is here to help

Technology is yet again making headway in helping customer service support operations. However, the biggest impediment in electronics support, tech support, or any other question for any device that requires installation, process, or diagnostics is verbal communication.

End consumers attempt to explain what they are seeing and the problem they are experiencing. Meanwhile, the agent attempts to decipher the message to understand the problem. The more complex the situation, the more time it takes to explain to resolve it. If neither the customer nor the agent can reach a consensus, the issue is escalated, requiring scheduling an onsite visit for example.

What if we could apply visual streaming to the same scenario and allow the customer to share what they see with the customer service agent in real-time? How helpful would that be?

Most would undoubtedly recognise that this technology can significantly improve complex issue resolution. With a more significant number of end consumers already being attached at the hip to their mobile phones and tablets, it is easy to equip the customers with the means to enhance verbal communications with real-time visual context. For organisations that already have mobile apps freely available for their customers, this feature would work wonders if it were added to the existing mobile app.

Livegenic assists customer service

Benefits of using Livegenic to support customer service

Let’s look at this solution’s benefits using some fundamental customer service problems.

Customers want the issues to be resolved quickly. They want the problems to be fixed on a first call, and they want to be understood without having to repeat their concerns multiple times to multiple parties. Organisations, in the meantime, are looking for an efficient response with the best quality of customer service possible, which would preserve a high level of customer satisfaction.

With visual data, the pains and goals of both sides are addressed. Having seen the problem first-hand, the agent can understand it sooner and determine if the issue requires an onsite visit or can be handled remotely. The customer, at the same time, receives high-quality service with immediate feedback and necessary guidance.

Many scenarios can benefit from delivering visual communication to existing phone interactions. Best of all, this is only the beginning. We are entering the age of wearable devices that will bring even more innovations in improving support of complex customer service issues.

How to get started with Livegenic?

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