Whether it’s an excavator that has rolled into a dam in the middle of nowhere, a car yard that a hail storm has just hit, or just a vehicle in a repair shop, there is an easier way to assess a motor claim compared to the traditional method.

An easier way to assess a motor claims

Live assessing made possible through Wilbur’s Livegenic product, allows for assessments to go ahead rain, hail or shine and mitigates many challenges faced in the motor vehicle industry.

It allows the assessor to see what the insured, third-party, repairer or storage facility sees. Meaning there is no speculation or guesswork in the assessment. Resulting in reduced claims costs and ensuring all the damage to the vehicle is sighted and approved for repairs putting the driver’s safety at the forefront.

So, what are some of the benefits of live assessing in the motor claims industry?


Ability to assess in difficult locations without delay

The location of a motor accident can sometimes make motor claims prolonged and delayed, solely due to the area being rural or not easily accessible.

Live assessments through Livegenic eliminate this bottleneck, allowing smash repairers to get all the relevant information through video at the start of the claims process.


You won’t need to worry about potential COVID-19 setbacks

With COVID-19 being something we all must live and deal with in the recent and upcoming years, as a business, you need to ensure you have the right tools to safeguard your operations for any potential setbacks like COVID-19 lockdowns or restrictions.

With the power of live assessments, you will be able to confidently continue your claims operations while your competitors are allowing their claims to pile up, leaving customers upset and frustrated.


Speed up the whole claim’s process/lifecycle

Claims lifecycle in the motor insurance industry is a critical factor to customers policy renewals and retention once they have made a claim. Expediting a simple claim through live assessments can be an enjoyable experience for a customer and almost guarantee a policy renewal.

An example of a simple claim that can fast track through live assessment is a cracked windscreen. Say the customer has called stating their windscreen has hail damage. You can collaborate with them through Livegenic, assess the damage and have your preferred windscreen repairer out the same or next day to repair the damage.


Cut costs with accuracy

Having an assessor physically inspect and assess a motor claim can be a costly procedure and often a waste of time if it is a simple claim. With live assessments, you can save costs by not sending assessors to every claim and preserving their resources for the more complex claims.

Not only does live assessing save costs, but it also enables accurate information to be captured and stored on the claims file in case you need to go back and review the data captured at the start of the claim.


Using Wilbur’s Livegenic product for live assessments lets you see what the insured, third-party repairer or storage facility sees when assessing a motor claim, which reduces claims costs and lifecycle resulting in happier customers.

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