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GuideOne Insurance Case Study

GuideOne Insurance is a North American insurer serving the niche market, including religious organisations, non-profits and human services, schools, small businesses and programs.

GuideOne has been on the forefront of its digital transformation initiative; they saw the importance of increasing efficiency and providing digital solutions that support their customers and began an active search for a virtual collaboration platform. GuideOne partnered with Livegenic to deliver those benefits.

The results:

With Livegenic, the GuideOne team can virtually inspect claims without the need for time-consuming onsite visits, which saves time and effort for their adjusters and protects their customers and staff through social distancing.

Policyholders can remotely connect with a desk adjuster to document the claim via live video, allowing the adjuster to provide real-time guidance as the customer inspects their claim. Additionally, customers can easily deliver documents required by the GuideOne team to understand the history and value of the property – all from a single digital workflow.

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