Most people think of Wilbur as a lovable but silly pig from the children’s book “Charlotte’s Web.” However, in insurance, Wilbur is a powerful partner that can help you optimise your processes while protecting your data.

With Wilbur, you can easily keep your data safe and secure from unauthorised access. Insurance professionals need to be especially careful with their data security. Wilbur has multiple safeguards to show we’re serious about keeping your information safe.

ISO 27001 -Information Security Management System

Wilbur Claims Manager, our end-to-end claims management system and Livegenic, our virtual collaboration tool are ISO27001 certified by Bureau Veritas.

Certification by Bureau Veritas is a globally recognised mark of reliability and trust, one of our most proud accomplishments.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Wilbur understands that our customers’ data is valuable and needs to be protected. That’s why we’ve developed authentication methods that require more than just a username and password.

We use a process called multi-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security. With multi-factor authentication, a customer must provide two or more pieces of information before being granted access to their account.

This could include a combination of a password, a pin, and a fingerprint.

Wilbur has implemented this process to better protect their customer’s data from being hacked or stolen. In today’s world, data security is more important than ever, and we are doing our part to ensure that our customers’ information is safe and secure.

Database Backups

Backing up your databases is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from data loss. A recent backup can save you time and headaches, whether a system crash or a natural disaster strikes. Hence why Wilbur incorporates database backups on Wilbur Claims Manager.

There are a few different ways to back up your data, but the most important thing is to do it regularly. Frequent backups are the best way to ensure that you always have a recent copy of your data.

You can store your backups off-site, on a remote server, or on a local drive. Whatever method you choose, check your backups regularly to ensure they work correctly.

Being protected against data loss is vital for any business that relies on computer systems. By taking the time to back up your data, you can be confident that you won’t lose everything if something happens to your system.

Application Control

Application control is a security measure designed to protect data and systems from unauthorised access or changes. Wilbur uses application control to prevent fraudsters from manipulating applications to get the coverage they are not entitled to.

To implement application control, Wilbur set up a system of permissions and restrictions that limit what users can do within an application. For example, a user might be allowed to view data but not edit it.

Application control can also be used to track changes made to data, making it easier to identify and correct errors. By carefully controlling who has access to information and what they can do with it, Wilbur reduces the risk of fraud and ensures that their data is accurate and up to date.

Wilbur is the perfect partner for insurance professionals who must keep their data safe and secure from unauthorised access. We understand the importance of data security, and our team provides you with the best possible service.

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We would be happy to answer any questions you have and demonstrate how Wilbur can help you protect your business’s most valuable information.


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