Efficiency, low resilience and high fatigue; where three’s a crowd. The toll that low resilience and high fatigue is taking on our efficiency.

How do you get well-oiled efficiency with a team who are exhausted?

Compassion and efficiency… Forbes suggests that empathy and compassion are very different. Compassion is deliberate. Compassion is unifying. Compassion is active.

Refining your resilient thinking is something akin to building a bunker in your backyard. Wholly unnecessary until the inevitable zombie apocalypse occurs that “no-one” saw coming (except H.G. Wells). Who has time for that kind of deep emotional and psychological work when there’s the day job, the kids routine, dogs to walk and a life to live to get through?


However, resilience has become an essential key player in the last few years. We have seen our communities battle lockdowns, covid mutations and polarising vaccination narratives on one side, and on the other an ever increasing strain on mental sanity has resilience running on fumes.

The question is how we can expect to maintain any kind of efficiency with these external and internal battles going on. How does efficiency in our work processes have any priority when standing next to our physical, mental and emotional health?

Dr Lucy Hone wrote the book ‘Resilient Grieving’ after going through her own family trauma. Emerging the other side, having identified some serious gaps in support for families. And discovering a lack of books that specifically supported resilience through grief. Hone zeros in on three habits and I’d like to unpack these keeping efficiency at the forefront of our minds.

For more information on leveraging our personal traumas and grief to develop resilience, check out Resilient Grieving by Dr Lucy Hone. Hone’s book looks into how to regain a sense of control and take action in the face of helpless situations.


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