Technology is constantly evolving, and with it, the way businesses operate.

Insurance brokers need to stay well informed with the latest technology to remain competitive and provide the best service to their customers. But what is the best technology for insurance brokers when it comes to managing the claim & underwriting process?

Many options are available, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. Below we explore Wilbur’s Livegenic product and its benefits to brokers and their customers.

Livegenic - Technology for Brokers
What is Livegenic?

Livegenic is a virtual collaboration platform that connects you to your customers and contractors for faster and more accurate inspections and assessments with video streaming, real-time assignment management, online payments and much more.

Livegenic offers many benefits for brokers and their customers:

Faster damage documentation with live video streaming

Customers can connect with the broker or insurer in real time to share the damage details via live video and photo streaming. With app and browser-based options, Livegenic creates a faster and more accurate way to document damage immediately from site and get the claim moving asap.

A more streamlined claim experience

Livegenic ensures a more streamlined experience for the customer in addition to live video and photo streaming – with collaboration features allowing them to pay their excess, upload documents, provide digital signatures and connect directly with their claim representative.

Covid safe – no need for face to face contact

Livegenic eliminates the need for face to face contact at claim time – avoiding potential delays due to isolation requirements and helping to protect your most vulnerable customers.

Centralised policy and claim information

Customers’ policy and claim information are securely stored locally here in Australia – including videos, photos, notes, and documents – all of which can be accessed remotely if needed by any party to the claim or policy.

Speed up claims during catastrophe events

Livegenic has proven time and again to speed up the claim process and minimise inconvenience, particularly during catastrophe weather events when access and capacity are a huge challenge.

Aside from the obvious benefits of live video and photo streaming, Livegenic also allows brokers and claims professionals to receive, confirm and update job statuses, submit customised reports directly from site, and minimise travel to and from site.

Increase accuracy of pre-risk surveys

A digital pre-risk survey can provide insights that allow you to assess what types of policies would suit your customer based on their needs and financial situation.

Livegenic provides an easy way for our customers to access expertise from across the industry and increase the accuracy of their pre-risk surveys. Livegenic offers the best all-in-one virtual collaboration technology for brokers looking to improve their pre-risk surveys and save cost, time and effort all at once. You can optimise more accurate pre-risk surveys with video and photo evidence stored on our local AWS servers for up to 7 years.

Improve underwriting accuracy

Through live video streaming and collaboration, Livegenic significantly improves the accuracy of the underwriting process, giving assurance to your underwriting partners of the risk you are placing with them.

Pre-risk surveys can also be completed without needing a professional service due to the features Livegenic offers to capture and store video evidence. The centralised storage feature also assists in cutting costs as you won’t need additional platforms to store this information.

What do these benefits lead to…? Customer retention!

All these features and benefits that Livegenic offer will ensure that your customers are adequately covered. This technology for brokers allows you to highlight hazards before policy inception, minimise disputes at claim time, and provide you and your customers with a seamless claim experience – ultimately, improving your customer retention!

If you’re a broker looking for an easy and efficient way to manage your customer’s insurance, Livegenic saves you time and effort so you can focus on what you do best.

Interested in learning more? Click here to get in touch with a Wilbur expert who can tell you how Livegenic can help streamline your business processes.


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