Wilbur has been featured in ‘companies to watch’ by InsTech London for our ‘Remote Claims Assessment’ technology.


Who is InsTech London?

InsTech London recognises and supports using the best technology, data and analytics within insurance and risk management businesses around the world.

Their network of over 20,000 people work for insurers, brokers, consultants, investors and technology companies from start-ups to established global enterprises.


Wilbur’s Remote Claims Assessment technology

Virtual assessments and inspections provide a tremendous benefit when disaster strikes. Waiting days to inspect a claim physically can exacerbate existing damages – the ability to remotely triage the severity of the loss and make an informed decision on how to proceed can save you thousands of dollars in claim costs.

Through using Wilbur’s tool Livegenic, Livegenic can be integrated into your workflow to ensure claims are moving swiftly from day one if assessors cannot physically get to the damaged area.

The tool cut the travel time and frees up assessors to complete more assessments in a much quicker timeframe. At the same time, they are protecting all stakeholders by avoiding physical attendance, especially in the current COVID-19 environment.


Matthew Grant – Partner at InsTech London

“We’re delighted with all the really positive feedback we are getting for our InsTech London reports exploring what is really happening (or not happening) in innovation in insurance. The team continues to grow and look out for reports coming once a month.

I’m on the hook for finalising our April report which is on the topic “Remote Claims Assessment – (around) 35 companies to watch” – with a bias to property. The image below shows the companies we will be profiling from around the world.

As a reminder – we aim to cover all companies that we believe are offering genuinely innovative products and services in these spaces when we release our reports – however we can write a lot more about our InsTech member companies because we speak to them regularly.”


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