Leaders have always needed to know how to juggle, figuratively speaking. In an organisation, there are usually several fighting priorities, in which leaders need to prioritise the main focuses at any time.

They must pick the suitable projects to commit scarce resources to – not only to achieve their organisation’s goals and strategy, but also to maintain team morale and sanity.

Our CEO Mark Cohen, speaks with iTnews Digital Nation on prioritisation and Wilbur’s shoulder to shoulder approach in planning and implementation.


“We have dedicated product management. Product managers will work with all stakeholders, and it is, in a sense, a round Robin of negotiation on priorities. We do prioritise the weighted, shortest job first. So, the easiest things with the biggest bang for the buck go to the top of the pile.

They typically get trumped by what we call right to operate. Right to operators, say, compliance issues or if you don’t do this, then you will have a compliance issue. So, either preventive or corrective or anything that comes out of our CSO typically goes right up the pole. Then beyond that, it’s based on the easier thing for the biggest value, which is it’s out of Scrum.

We use Scrum to run our teams as well. So, we do two experiments, and then every product release goes after two weeks. Once a month, we’ll ship into what we call pre prod, which is a staging environment. Customers can review and sign off, and then it graduates and so we have this prioritisation at the front of the funnel, and it flows through in two-week increments.

Now what we do, we don’t get in a room and fight every two weeks. What we do is we do quarterly roadmap landing, and those are presented at our Board of Management. So the Wilbur Board of Management includes the parent company and stakeholders from around the business.

Then we circulate the roadmaps. Some people can feedback if there’s something that they disagree with or they want to urgently Trump roti something. So it kind of goes through that cycle every 90 days or so.” – Mark Cohen

To view the full article by iTnews Digital Nation visit: https://www.itnews.com.au/digitalnation/australian-business-leaders-share-how-they-tame-prioritisation-battles-568619


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