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LAKEWOOD, Colo., Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eberl Claims Service, a leading US provider of property claims adjusting services, today announced a strategic partnership agreement and exclusive license with global claims technology provider Wilbur to use its technology to streamline the claims management process. This strategic partnership empowers Eberl’s claims operations with a proprietary technology platform and integrated supplier network to drive a state-of-the-art claims management experience for carriers and their policyholders.

As a modular and customizable platform, Wilbur integrates its technology with a high-quality, trusted supplier network to deliver the right claim solution for carriers of all sizes. From first notice and mitigation to virtual or field adjusting and even complete repair, the solution connects all parties to a claim while integrating with existing carrier core systems. By connecting desk adjusters with policyholders through virtual live collaboration and documentation technology, claims are handled the right way, every time.

The property claims industry has been the focus of several technology and process innovations, each promising to transform a range of functions such as how losses are documented, evaluated, estimated, or paid. As carriers look to capitalize on this innovation to improve their overall claim function, the tradeoff is often additional handoffs, logins, subscription fees, and steep learning curves.

“More than ever, there is a pressing need for an improved alliance among carriers, service providers, and technology to deliver an improved policyholder experience and optimize the outcome of each claim,” says Chris Bergeon, Eberl’s President. “Our partnership with Wilbur adds an exciting dimension to our desk adjuster and TPA service capabilities that will drive claim handling efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction to a new level.”

“I’m an advocate for improving the claims experience through the use of technology,” says Robin Roberson, Eberl’s Head of Platform Partnerships. “However, it’s growing ever-more challenging to ensure the right technology is used at the right time. Doing so requires not only tech access but also connected and skilled service providers to operationalize and maximize the potential benefit. By forging this partnership, Eberl continues to reimagine the claims process, empowered by technology, and paired with a vetted supplier network. This combination meets a timely industry challenge and provides Eberl opportunity to deliver on the company’s mission “to be there when you need us.”

The partnership delivers on key customer-centric objectives such as:

  • Reassuring customer experience – single policyholder point of contact to minimize confusion and redundant interactions
  • Efficient claim handling – reduced cycle time and cost by eliminating the friction of multiple systems, processes, and handoffs
  • Consolidated coordination – manage assignments, communication and documentation from a single dashboard and sync status details back to carrier core systems
  • Effective supplier management – the ability to add or remove tech and service suppliers for improved service, quality, and control
  • Visibility – transparency and ownership throughout the process for all users, supported by real-time KPI tracking and analytics

Additional benefits promise improved Service Level Objectives, more control of indemnity spend and reduced leakage, streamlined accounting, and much more.

“The Wilbur platform makes supplier management easy,” says Will Mayo, Senior Vice President of Wilbur North America. “Our global mission is to provide claims professionals with the right technology tools and the best suppliers to remove the hassle of credentialing and invoicing. The Eberl/Wilbur partnership will allow carriers to provide their policyholder a complete claim experience customized to their specific needs, all within one supplier network platform.”

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Wilbur provides a modular and connectable ecosystem of technology products and service suppliers to deliver better outcomes in the claims handling process. Built from over 20 years of on-the-ground experience, Wilbur powers leading businesses globally to minimize the impact of claims disruption and provide a more streamlined experience for carriers and policyholders. For more information, visit www.wilbur.io.


Eberl provides customized claims adjusting services for Residential/Commercial Property, Casualty/Liability, Transportation, Inland Marine, Catastrophe, Auto/Material Damage, Desk Adjusting, Dispute Resolution, and Third-Party Administration claims. The firm works over 200,000 claims annually and offers a full e-suite of claims handling solutions. For more information, visit http://www.eberls.com.




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