Enablement and simplicity – attitudes, beliefs, behaviour changes, tools and CAT season. Simplifying attitudes, approaches and processes to enable people to output the best of their potential and more.

With empathy comes openness and a willingness to engage, a willingness to consider an opinion outside our own to be valid.

Enablement and change

We will not draw any readers into a Marie Kondo, convert to minimalism tirade. However, I will call on the idea of simplicity. Minimalism is not for everyone. If you’ve ever been a collector of any kind, you will agree there are probably many versions of minimalists.

Simplicity, however, is a concept that may be adopted seasonally whether it’s a spring clean or eating a clean meal. Simplicity might be something people embrace in their clothing choices to reduce decision fatigue… turtlenecks or hoodies, anyone?

The logical next step to follow on from the concept of simplicity is enablement. When you simplify, you do so to enable. Enable yourself a clear head, a clean space, less decision fatigue, more energy. Removing the clutter and the cobwebs. People go for walks to clear their head. Take a bath to relax the mind. Mediate to empty the mind. Enablement follows simplicity.

My favourite, go-to book manual for simplifying is ‘L’art de la Simplicite’, by French expat currently residing in Japan, Dominique Loreau.

Loreau’s is written in sort of Seth Godin-esk digestible chunks which makes it easy to read a bit on the bus, follow on at lunch and again on the way home. Allowing you to ruminate

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