If you’re an insurance broker, you know that a virtual pre-risk tool is critical to your business.

A pre-risk survey is necessary when a property, vehicle or business needs to identify any possible hazards or existing conditions that may adversely impact the risk being covered. A pre-risk survey can also determine the effectiveness of the control measures currently stabilising those hazards.

It can be difficult to find the right coverage and price point without accurate data about a potential customer’s risk profile. Luckily, there’s a tool that can help make this process easier and faster – Livegenic.

What is Livegenic?

Livegenic is a virtual collaboration platform that connects you to your customers and contractors for faster and more accurate inspections and assessments with video streaming, real-time assignment management, online payments and much more.

How can brokers use Livegenic for pre-risk surveys?

A digital pre-risk survey can provide insights that allow you to assess what types of policies would suit your customer based on their needs and financial situation. Livegenic offers the best all-in-one virtual collaboration technology for brokers looking to improve their pre-risk surveys and save cost, time and effort all at once.

As a pre-risk tool, Livegenic allows brokers to conduct pre-risk surveys without having to send someone or attend themselves to the insured site. Livegenic works exceptionally well with property and motor policies, especially in rural areas or for less complex coverage.

So how does it work? Livegenic offers both browser-based and app-based solutions, meaning your customer does not have to download or login to an app to access Livegenic. Using the customer portal, customers are granted access with a single tap.

Once customers have accessed the portal, you can liaise with them virtually in real time and collect the information and documentation you require for the pre-risk survey, without face-to-face contact. This can be via streaming live videos, audio, or pictures, uploading files directly from their device, digitally signing documents and much more.

As a broker, you can white label the portal and customise the colours, branding and language to suit your organisation. You can also store all videos, photos and documentation on our local AWS servers for up to 7 years.

The benefits of using Livegenic for pre-risk

Livegenic offers the best all-in-one virtual collaboration technology for brokers looking to improve their pre-risk surveys and save cost, time and effort.

  • Enable a more streamlined experience for the customer – with collaboration features allowing them to connect virtually in real time, upload video and photo evidence, upload documents, provide digital signatures and connect directly with their broker
  • Keep all stakeholders safe from covid by eliminating the need for face-to-face contact – helping to protect your most vulnerable customers
  • Reduce travel costs of attending the site physically, particularly in rural areas
  • Increase the accuracy of pre-risk surveys by getting documented video and photo evidence that can be stored in the cloud and referred to at any time


virtual pre-risk tool for brokers

How to get started with Livegenic?

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Livegenic is proud to participate at the next UAC event, UAC Norwest Sydney on August 10th. We look forward to this event to connect with professionals in the industry.


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